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Shake Me!
Shake Me!
Beaming down to Earth in 2019!

down to Earth
in 2019!

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Helping children save and spend wisely in the digital world.

Born from a passion to help kids understand the value of money in an increasingly cashless society, Money Monsters are modern day piggy banks which link to a real bank account instead of being filled with coins and notes. The monster works with the Santander 1|2|3 Mini Account, which you can learn more about here.

Three Money Monsters

Look mum, no coins!

Giving your child a Money Monster is one of the first steps toward them understanding the concepts of managing money and digital banking without them having to use an app or access the internet.

Our fun and friendly coin-free critters communicate the balance of their account and show deposits and withdrawals via a display which shows them exactly what they've got in numbers.

"The Money Monster is
a cracking machine."
Fun Saving

Fun Saving

The Money Monster lives at home like a traditional piggy bank and links to a Santander 1|2|3 Mini Account. Kids can see how much money they’ve got in their account at any time by shaking the monster.

Smart Giving

Whether it’s money for birthdays or pocket money, friends and family can make transfers into the account the Money Monster is linked to whether they’re at home, at work or on the go.

Smart Giving
Fun Saving

Clever Counting

Is your child saving up for something special? Money Monsters love adding up and displaying how much money has come in or gone out when tilted left or right.

Wise Spending

Money Monsters show what has been spent on the account, helping children associate spending with transactions. Parents can monitor transactions with the Money Monsters app and help coach their child to manage their money.


See their eyes light up

Designed to exist within your child’s environment and be loved for their appearance as much as their function, the Money Monsters have removable body parts for weird and wonderful customisation as well as eyes that light up when a transaction has occurred or the monster has a tip to impart.

They're coming soon!

The first three species of Money Monster have been through rigorous testing and are nearly ready to land!

Join our waitlist and we’ll let you know as soon as our futuristic money boxes can be purchased and transported to your home.

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